Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I decided to do 2 winners and via the random number generator thingy, here they are:

Carissa of Good and Crazy People
Ev (and Kwach) of Nowhere, IL

Go visit their space and say congratulations. They are bound to find themselves the owners of some completely useless stuff.

Ladies, please email me with your addresses at sosassypants at gmail dot com. Don't forget to host your own contest.

By the way, y'all are really funny about feet. Now, for my answer. I love baby feet and I love women feet. Man feet are OK too. Feet = Sexy as long as they are clean. And for the record, SM has the weirdest toes I have ever seen... on one foot. He has toes on both feet but the weird ones are confined to just one foot. And according to him, it wasn't due to some bizarre foot accident, he was just born weird.


Renaissance Woman said...

Shucks! Maybe next time I'll win. Congrats to the others!

Loving your Blog said...

O darn! I was hoping to get some useless stuff in the mail :(