Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pay It Forward

Do you remember me getting all excited about winning Bethiclaus's Pay-It-Forward contest? If not, that's ok. It was about about 400 years ago. Well I've finally gotten off my lazy duff and am ready to do my own. But first, look at what she sent me:

I love the journal to jot down my blogging ideas. I'm always thinking of clever things and then 10 minutes later they are gone. Now just imagine how much more funny I will be with my new journal. Aren't you all excited? Of course, I will have to remember to write them down and then remember to use the journal when I blog. I'll work on that. Also the pens are too cute for words and the candy is ALL GONE. The end.
Now, on to my Pay-It-Forward thingy doobie.
THIS is the link to where it all began in case you are curious.
Here are the details:
What is a Pay if Forward contest? It is simple. I tell you I am hosting the contest. To enter, all you need to do is comment. I will ask you a question at the bottom of this post (don't worry--it will be easy. No degrees in rocket surgery required) and you comment with your answer. Once you have commented, you are all done. At the end of the contest I will use a random number generator to select the winner. The order of your comment gives you your number. If your number matches mine, you WIN! It doesn't get much easier than that. What can you win? That is the best part, I have no idea. I'll probably dig around on your blog and see if I can get a feel for what might make you happy in your pants and then... and then... and then I get to go SHOPPING! The reason that is is called Pay it Forward is because the winner then hosts their own "Pay it Forward" contest on their blog. If you don't have a blog, don't worry! Please feel free to enter as I will host a contest in your name on my blog if you win. Then the winner of that contest hosts their own contest, etc. Get it? Should be fun! Hope you join in! The contest on my blog will end at noon on Friday Aug 22nd so make sure you get your comments in before then!
And the question:
Do you like feet?
A simple yes or no will suffice but it will be much more fun if you explain your Fetish/Phobia.


Deb on the Rocks said...

I'll get the party started. I don't like men's feet when they have toe hair. I love women's feet, usually. I think toes are interesting, and painted toenails are darling seashells and gems. I have daydreams about petite women walking on my back, carefully and slowly putting their heels down, then rolling forward, like when doing walking meditation.

That is what comes to mind when you say feet.

LoisLane said...

Only baby feet. All other feet, including my own lol, are ugly. I hate feet. :p

Renaissance Woman said...

I love feet! But I think that I only love women's feet. I love painted toes, shoes...and I promise it's the first thing that I look at always!

Renaissance Woman said...

I love feet! But I think that I only love women's feet. I love painted toes, shoes...and I promise it's the first thing that I look at always!

Stacie said...

they are useful.
they get me to where I need to go.
that is about the extent of my love for them.

Don't put your cold feet on me, but I shall warm mine on you anytime I see fit.

Don't try anything sexual with my feet, nor suggest that I do anything with someone else's feet, cause then my foot will be getting some action by kicking you the hell out of my bed.

And by all this YOU, I don't mean you specifically, but YOU as in anyone that would suggest such feet weirdness.

I do like painted toenails, but for looks only.

Good N Crazy said...

Hi! 5 seconds to read real fast and say thanks for your comments over at my place! Still crazy with the move, but need a small break!

Thanks for 'filling' my glass!

Oh and a contest? One I haven't even heard of? Cool.


I don't mind 'em. I just had my left one surgeried on for a bunion. Not so fun. But I have a sweet hubby who will rub mine every night!

Does that work?

hangel said...

I hate feet. Grown up feet anyway. Baby feet are cute but I don't even like my own feet. I don't mind other people touching my feet (pedicures, etc) but I WILL NOT touch anyone else's feet. YUCK!

Loving your blog! (but you know who I am ;) ) said...

Feet are gross! Nasty!!! Blech! Baby feet, pleasant and cute...Adult feet, no matter how pedicured they are are disgusting. I can not even stand other people touching my own feet.

And toe hair....just send me to the mental institution...

EL said...

Feet are wonderful, especially when someone is tickling them.

nicole said...

Well, I like my own feet. They are pretty. And I love baby feet. Cute pudgy baby feet are amazing. But grown man feet gross me out. How's that for noncommital?

ya ya's mom said...

yes, especially manicured feet :)

Hillary said...

I'm kind of neutral on feet. Except feet that have nasty toenails - I hate those feet.

Ev said...

I went out with a perfectly nice girl a couple of times. We hit it off, things were escalating nicely, etc. I invited her over to swim in our pool on a day the kids weren't home, fully expecting the day to end in sex...but when we were swimming I caught a look at her bad feet. Dirty, pudgy, long gnarly toenails...Blech. That was it. I was done. We swam for a while, then I made some excuse and sent her home.

That's when I realized I AM a foot snob. If a person can't clean up her feet in anticipation of a possible sex date, what does that say about the person's whole life??

It all worked out for the good; Lori's got very nice feet. :-)

minnie said...

I like my own feet well enough... but am not so into other peoples feet.

Cherish said...

Ok so I cant stand MY feet but baby feet/toes are sweet. I also dont mind men's feet as much as I mind my own...I know its weird.

CAQuincy said...

As long as they're CLEAN. Love my own (scarred up and split-heeled as they are), LOVE my kids', my husband's....not so much. I'm thinking I'm with deb here--don't much like the furry toes!

Anonymous said...

I am sort of foot-neutral. They are necessary and useful! They sometimes become gross and yucky! With painted toenails and sexay shoes, they can look pretty great! But all that together and you have...neutral.

Courtney said...

I like feet. Unless they stink. And it's a plus if the toenails are pretty and painted or if they're baby feet that's a shoe-in. Get it? Ha ha! A shoe-in?! :)

I'm such a dork.

Jenny H. said...

I don't mind feet in the least. There is nothing better than smooching teeny,tiny baby feets. As for my own, well, I am rather maniacal about them. They must be soft and polished AT ALL TIMES.

Emblita said...

Feet... are practical-
Babyfeet= kissfest

Am I doing okay? said...

We're watching Happy Feet - we like that movie. That counts right?

staseeface said...

Welll....I sure am glad that I have them and I wish they weren't flat as pancakes, but are they my favorite body part? Uh.. No..

Funny anecdote: A co-worker of mine once stopped me in the stairwell at work and asked me, "Which is more beautiful - a person's insides or their feet?" I had no response... You?