Monday, August 11, 2008

Why the Pope took me off his Christmas card list

An IM conversation with SalsaM, the fabulous gay man of Canada who is getting married in 2 weeks:

SalsaM: Whatcha doing sweet thing?
Sassy: Boycotting anything productive.
SalsaM: That's my girl. Why so lazy today?
Sassy: Just finished cooking a turkey.
Sassy: Well, it's not the cooking part, it's the cleaning up part. I hate stripping the meat off the carcass. It's so wet and fleshy.
SalsaM: ...
Sassy: Oh gawd, what?
SalsaM: Wet and fleshy? You mean American Pie had it all wrong?
Sassy: Yep, it doesn't feel like warm apple pie, it feels like digging your hands into a giant bird
SalsaM: I have to tell "boyfriend" about this! The next time we think we might want to experiment with the dark side we don't have to hit up LesClub, we can just defrost a Butterball.
Sassy: Heh, you just said butterball.
SalsaM: You're so immature. I was talking about a TURKEY. Dirty minded woman!
Sassy: And in the news today- Mormons everywhere to boycott thanksgiving because tryptophane makes you gay!
SalsaM: Are you sure we weren't conjoined twins at birth?

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