Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fan Fare Please

Today I'm going to tell you how important I am.

I was featured (translation- I sent them a link saying "I'm funny, please pimp me out" and out of mercy and just to make me shut the hell up, THEY DID) on Good Mom / Bad Mom. Go read them. It's some funny shit.

I'm also listed on ALL MEDIOCRE. There are a lot of great blogs listed there. I'm not sure how I got added to the mix but shhhh, we'll just let that be our little secret. Go check them out. Really, it's a great way to spend your day. I'm not paid a decent hourly wage to spend 7.5 hours a day in the blog-o-sphere. I have the best job ever!


Renaissance Woman said...

Congrats!!! I'll go take a look. I know that my blog won't be on the list. I am hoping to come back to blogging soon.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Mediocre is the new kick-ass, my friend.

Amy in Ohio said...

Hello fellow mediocre woman.