Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Blogher hates me. It won’t let me register. BUT it has eaten 2 email addresses and 2 user names. Is this their way of saying I’m not cool enough?

Thing1 had his first kiss… He called me as soon as he was leaving her house to tell me. I’m totally excited and nervous for him. I’m totally scared as hell for me.

Thing2 is graduating from elementary school this week. We are celebrating this weekend with dinner, a movie, a gift and letters written to him by special people in his life. The one from his teacher made me cry. I haven’t written mine yet. Every time I try I get weepy.

SM might be going on my family camping trip with me next weekend. That would mean he has to endure all my aunts and uncles and cousins for 3 days and it would be their first meeting! He is so very brave. I <3 him. Lots.

If I post pictures without faces blurred but I don’t use real names, will the blog still be anonymous? I don’t want my family to find me but I don’t want to hide behind random smilies forever either.

Spent the holiday weekend with SM, his 4 children, SM’s sister, her daughter, SM’s sister’s best friend, and her daughter. 10 of us in a tiny cabin. It was fantastic and I passed the family approval test. YAY!


Renaissance Woman said...

Welcome to the family!

Bird said...

IF you dont' ever use your name, it is VERY difficult to find a blog--there are millions of them out there. My mom isn't even interested in my blog and I talk about it all the time.

Bird said...

I think Blogher hates me too, but I know I'm not cool enough.

SP said...

RW: which family? Do you have connections at Blogher to hook me up? I just want to register. Being a part of the family is more than I ever dreamed of (cue cheesy music and big fat beauty queen tears)

Bird: We should start an uncool version of BlogHer. We could call it BlogShe

A Mom Two Boys said...

He called you to tell you about his first kiss? That's so cute.

& isn't the uncool version of BlogHer AllMediocre? :0)

SP said...

AMTB: You just saved me because I'm naturally lazy and making my own uncool BlogHer would never have happened.