Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaken not stirred

I'm in the middle of the Mid-West.
We get tornados and mosquitos.

No hurricanes.
No Typhoons
No Volcanic Erruptions
No Earth Quakes
... until this morning.

A 5.4 on the Holy-Fuck-What-Was-That scale in Southern Illinois and it woke my lazy ass up at 4:37 this morning.

Then I went back to sleep.


Ev said...

Hey! That was our earthquake! You felt it all the way up there?

I woke up and grabbed the bedside table and yelled at the cats. I thought they were fighting on the table, and then I realized the whole bed was shaking. And didn't it last much longer than you expected?

Weird, huh?

SP said...

We're connected! Fun! ... sorta