Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stuff and nonsense

Boy #1 and I have figured some things out. Here is what we now know:
  • Sassy is fabulous
  • Dinner with someone else makes you think about Sassy more
  • Losing Sassy because Boy was stupid would be really really dumb.
  • Boy doesn't want to be dumb
  • Boy decided it was time to stop considering being stupid
  • Sassy usually gets her way and that's for the best

3 dogs in my house is too damn many! My Z sheds twice her body weight in hair weekly and now there is the golden retreiver who sheds enough to stuff a couch pillow daily. When you add in a cockapoo puppy who is the biggest drama queen EVAR, you have a Sassy who is about to lock herself in the closet with a couple of bottles of wine. My parents better hurry home, I don't have enough liquor for this. *snicker* I said cock and it wasn't even dirty.

I am sometimes a borrower ideas. I got this one from Redneck Mommy. BUT, I didn't steal it from her. I googled it and stole it from somewhere else.

It made me laugh so hard I snorted...

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Redneck Mommy said...

LOL! I googled it and stole it off the internet too. I don't know who made it, but I owe them for it! LOL.