Monday, March 10, 2008

jamais vu

There’s a word for it. Who knew? Ev did, that’s who!

Jamais vu: a feeling of unfamiliarity

How do you sleep with a new man in your bed? I mean sleep folks, really really s.l.e.e.p. (I think I’m pretty good at the other stuff). I start to drift off but never hit a deep sleep. I doze and wake up and doze and wake up some more. What if I drool on his shoulder? MILF! What if I snore in his ear? HOT! What if I fart???? SEXY!

After being married for well over a decade you sort of forget to be self conscious about those things. But with a new man in the bed I'd like to not send him running for the hills just yet.

But the biggest problem?
I’m hyper aware of this gorgeous man sleeping next to me and s.l.e.e.p. is definitely not what I’m thinking about. I like this feeling of jamais vu (at least for now) because it’s fun and exciting. I’m also looking forward to the déjà vu (when it comes to much needed shut eye).

On a side note: Waking up to someone nibbling on your neck and shoulders is most fabulous!

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Renaissance Woman said...

Jamais Vu is great...but comfort and sleep are even better. Enjoy the new relationship and the lack of "sleep"...for all of the reasons.