Friday, February 22, 2008

I am woman… RAWRRR!!!!

I picked up my newly refurbished (but new to me) elliptical from the shipping company yesterday. Apparently my driveway is too sloped and icy for those pansy truck drivers to push a pallet jack up it. Wimps! After the Ex helped me pull the 200+ pound box out of my van he promptly vanished and I had to take stock of the situation.



Damn, I was on my own.
After opening the box and seeing all the parts…

– OMG, the parts! –

I quit panicking and started unpacking.

There was a box with an instruction book with even more parts.
Deep breath woman. You can do this!
Some assembly steps went much faster than others.
There were 4 bags of hardware labeled: Bag1, Bag2, Bag4, and Bag5.
Anyone else see a problem there?
Re-reading the directions…
OK, I think I’m all set now.

2 hours and 3 very strong drinks later:
I am a freaking goddess!
A goddess who almost had a heart attack and died after trying to remain upright on that damn thing for 30 minutes this morning.


hangel said...

You are She-Ra, Princess of Power. Your strength and intelligence, and ability to hold liquor amaze me!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I have that exact same eliptical and I put it together myself too!

I use to to hang dirty clothes on currently.

XUP said...

Hot damn, woman! Now you're super-fit just from hauling and building the freakin' thing.

SP said...

Oooo, I loved She-Ra as a kid. She was gorgeous, smart, strong AND she had a tiara. Hmm, no wonder I have issues now. I freaking want it all! I have given my children free reign to nag on me if it turns into a clothes hanger. And believe me, they are just waiting for me to hang a towel on it WHILE I'm working out so they can nag. I'm convinced my body is going to revolt and kill me in my sleep from the pain though. OUCH!