Monday, January 28, 2008

Open mouth and insert entire facking leg!

Ex has been trying to transition from just friends to more than friends with a woman for about six months now. I’ve been told we are weird by so many people and I’ve come to accept that fact. Ex and I discuss our dating… at least a little bit. I’ve been rooting him on with this chick. I like her. She is kind and funny and definitely his type physically. The woman has been giving him the “GO” signals for about 2 months now. Light touching, repeated asking out with each encounter getting more private and intimate. Recently she invited him over and made him dinner. Still he didn’t have the nerve to make a move. So when she asked him again to go out this weekend to see a movie I was totally excited for him. I took the kids early and as he was walking out the door I jokingly said, “Don’t be a pussy! Make a move.”

He tried to hold her hand in the movie theatre and she yanked her hand away!!!!

I'm an ass!


Renaissance Woman said...

ha...that was funny! Bummer for him.

XUP said...

Apparantly women are just as inscrutable as men when it comes to trying to figure out what the hell they want