Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm going to get into so much trouble for this one

In general I would say I’m a democrat. I’m pretty damn liberal by nature. In fact I’m so far left on some issues that it gives my mother heart palpitations. That being said, I vote for a candidate based on the issues and what is important to me, not on party affiliations, skin color or sex. I do have a favorite candidate in this election. I’ve very passionate about this person. I have a couple of back-ups that I think I would be comfortable with should my favorite person not make it all the way. I also have some that I despise with great big steaming heaps of fecal hatred.

This is NOT one of the candidates that I hate but I can remain silent no longer.
Does this man have the biggest head you have ever seen or what????

He looks like a freaking bobble head doll. I don’t know if he really needs to bulk up or if his head is just naturally huge but seriously, he’s starting to freak me out.
I'm just sayin'...


Steph said...

Oh dear god, and you're voting?!

SP said...

You bet your sweet ass I'm voting! - Possibly for Mr. Bobblehead if the candidate I really like doesn't step it up and win this thing!

Kwach said...

It's not his fault. He needs extra room for the big brain. Hillary doesn't need the big head, she just has to have the stretchy pantsuits.