Monday, December 3, 2007

What's on your dresser

Farthest away and moving closer –

  • Jewelry box with some expensive pieces and lots of very cool junky pieces.
  • My “MASK” made at a women’s conference a month ago. It has lots of deep psychological secrets to impart but it’s not talking. I gave it eyes and no mouth. Poor planning, huh?
  • Fabulous candle that melts into this lovely lotion
  • Deodorant cuz no one wants a StinkyPants
  • My cologne, Clinique’s Happy for men. Women’s perfume is just too foo-fooey for me.
  • Cell phone charging cord
  • Books to be read: A trashy romance and a book about Hinduism
  • Aroma therapy case: candles, oils and heater thingy in a pretty wood and glass case
  • Change jar – to put the kids through college
  • Curriculum for High School youth group
  • CD case full of SassyTunes. Most recently enjoyed=Rent
  • And finally, tucked behind the mirror in a little black case: My video porn collection (It’s a small collection, I prefer written porn to be honest)

    And please please please do not tell me what a terrible person I am because the top of my TV is so darn dusty. I cleaned it up as soon as I took the picture an noticed. I was going to retake it but that would kind of be like lying and NO ONE lies on the internet. That would be wrong.

    Now your turn, what’s on your dresser?


Deb said...

Much, much, much too nice for Bam-Bam. I'm so glad he'll never see it.

I'm thinking your room smells gooooood!

SP said...

I love my room. It's not too girly and frilly and foo-fooey. But it is soft and warm and welcoming. Yeah, I think it smells good too.