Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow Angels

The weather yesterday was NASTY. We had snow. We had sleet. We had rain. We had freezing rain. It was a long and slow drive home. An event I was looking forward to for months was cancelled due to the weather. I spilled coffee on my lap trying to avoid sliding into the idiot who cut in front of me. I was crabby! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some milk and grabbed some Chinese take-out for dinner. By the time I turned onto my street, I had had Enough. Of. Every. Thing.

And then I saw them… six little bodies scrambling out of my driveway to hide behind the bizarre snow family that now lived in my front yard. And then I saw IT… my driveway. It was completely cleared of snow. There should have been a good 4-5 inches piled up there and instead I could actually see concrete.

After pulling my car into the garage, they came at me like a flock of hungry pigeons. My little snow angels… Thing1, Thing2 and four other neighborhood kids cleared my driveway of snow and all they wanted in return was some hot cocoa.

I’m not crabby any more. I even gave them extra marshmallows.


Deb said...

You are doing something majorly right!

rudecactus said...

Marshmallows! Send some of your snow our way, okay?