Friday, November 16, 2007

Zen & Bellyfat

I’m on a journey to find my own personal Zen-Place. I call it my Zen-Place because I have no other name for it. It’s not really a place so much as a spiritual, mental and emotional balance, I think. And it’s Zen-y. That’s all I really know right now. Anyhoo… I have been strangely drawn to the principles and practices of Eastern religion of late. I’ve been mediating. – Please stop laughing, I can sit still and not talk… Stop it! I can, I swear! – Recently, I mentioned to a friend that I think my home needs a Buddha. And I was serious. But not some bright and flashy gold or brass Buddha. This looks just like the one in SalsaM's living room
- except the SalsaBuddha has my pink Chicago feather boa and some Mardi Gras beads wrapped around his neck.
I’m much earthier than that *snicker*. I’d like a Buddha made of wood or clay or stone (nothing glossy or shiny). And as I was doing some holiday e-shopping today, I actually stumbled across a wood Buddha. This is nice.

But, if I’m gonna do the Buddha, I want the whole Buddha. Can you really call it a Buddha without the belly?

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There are so many different Buddha statues. Having a big bellied, laughing Buddha in your home is supposed to be good luck. All the different styles and poses represent different stuff, so I guess you have to be careful you don't accidentally bring one home that represents "extensive water damage in your bathing quarters" or something. It's fun to dabble with other people's spiritual stuff