Friday, November 2, 2007

Dead Fish #3

I’m kind of on this pumpkin kick. I’ve had pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pies, pumpkin shakes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread and for lunch today, pumpkin quesadillas.
So, I’m a big fan of the pumpkin. But, what in the sam-hell am I supposed to do with the 97 pumpkins in my front yard now that Halloween is over?

P.S. Pumpkin quesadillas are yummy – texture was a bit weird but still, yummy.



Just leave the pumpkins in your yard and watch them morph into strange and wonderful organic sculptures over the next few months. Yours will be the "must-see" yard in the neighbourhood

SP said...

Must see if you can stand the smell?

I have to admit that they are very pretty right now, surrounded by a sea of leaves. I should blackmail the kids into raking those up soon I guess.

Ev said...

Try the pumpkin roll. It's apparently the national dessert of the Midwest...if the Midwest were a nation, that is.

I posted a recipe sometime last November if you're interested. :-)

BTW...I found you through UP, so feel free to bitch at her if you're not excited about having Midwestern lesbians with pumpkin recipes hanging around your blog. If you are excited, though...WOOO! Baby! Forget those married guys and join our team!

SP said...

Can I play on both teams?
And I love the midwest. No place I'd rather be!

Welcome Ev, grab a coctail and stay awhile.