Friday, November 9, 2007

Sassy: Changing the world, one man at a time

BigMan (08:53 AM) :
blech $75 to get my back waxed

Big Man (08:53 AM) :
How do you women afford that

Sassy (08:55 AM) :
lmao! You would never wax your back

BigMan (08:56 AM) :
Yeah I am

BigMan (08:56 AM) :
in the spring

Sassy (08:56 AM) :

BigMan (08:56 AM) :
Then my chest

Sassy (08:59 AM) :
Now you’re scaring me

Sassy (09:01 AM) :
Did I make you gay?
OMG, I know this really hot guy to set you up with.
He waxes too, only not his back.

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