Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We have a love-hate relationship - Also: Names! Finally!

From here on out, the new man, which might actually last long enough for me to stop thinking of him as the "new" man, will be called T-Bone. mmmm, meat!

His parents will be called Ricky and Lucy because the way they interact cracks me the hell up!

Last night I was introduced to Ricky and Lucy. Before I even finished my soda, I had a pretty clear idea of what they thought of me.

Ricky, he loves me. The man is 197 years old with a brand new set of knees. I told him he needs to take those bad boys out and break them in right! To which he claims "You see that Lucy, not everyone thinks I'm going to fall over dead tomorrow. I might go running. I like her, T-bone. I like her already." Lucy simply rolled her eyes and said yes dear.

Lucy hates me.
She is on a diet and I brought these:

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Stacie's Madness said...

mmmm T-BONE. yes. love some.