Friday, August 26, 2011

Twisting it up a little bit

Blogger will not let me comment on Stacie's blog post and say "Awe! That is so goddamn sweet I might just vomit up the cuteness you just force-fed me. So precious. Presshhhhussss!"

So, in true Sassy form, I'll just take what she put up and totally fuck with it.
You see, my CyberLover, Stacie, has a real life love. I'm not even jealous. Well, OK, maybe a little bit. But while I have a new guy, and he met the Things and it was okey dokey, the jury is definitely still out on this one. Some days I'm totally in it. Others I walk away thinking, yeah this is fun for now but not so much for the long term. I'm wishwashy all over the place. That's all fine and dandy though. I don't really need to find Mr ForeverAndEver right now. My life is so full of good shit. So full of good people who love me. Near and far. My cup doesn't just runeth over, it drunkenly slops all over the damn floor with its goodness. On top of all that, I have one person who fills my world with all I need so I can walk out and be whatever the hell everyone else needs.

So this cheesy fucking song has nothing to do with boys or smoochy smoochy hearts and puppy lovin'.
But it is for my soul-mate. Love you Amy.


makinglifework said...

Wow! Absolutely Wow! How do you top that? We will always BE Kim - brushing the greys out of each others' eyes while wearing those delightful red hats! I love you!

Stacie's Madness said...

awe, me love you long time. :)