Monday, August 22, 2011


This weekend was filled with Firsts.
  • First time playing Asshole hello. I'd like you to meet Sassy McDrunkyPants
  • First volleyball tournament hello. I'd like you to meet Sassy McHungOverPants
  • First time playing flip cup hello... are you seeing a trend?  -- also, playing flip cup between volleyball matches is a bad idea. Or so I hear
  • First time for the pups to meet a cat they couldn't care less and go to a dog park drool. zomg, best place ever! can I smell yer butt again?
And more firsts to come.
  • First time for the new man to meet the Things. Tomorrow.  I'm excited - and no, I haven't given him a Sassy Name yet. I can't settle on one.
  • ...
  • First time being introduced to the dead first wife's friends????? At an ovarian cancer run where they will all be wearing shirts with her face on them.
I want to be OK about the dead first wife. -can I call her DFW without going to hell? Probably not. I think I'm going to have to risk it though. So, about DFW --- This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'm a go-with-the-flowy person in relationships to begin with. It takes a lot to rattle me. And, it's not like he has done anything wrong. But this is Hard, yo. I want to go to the run and cheer him on. But with all her friends there? Is this a good idea? He really wants me to go. I'm scared it will be one giant train wreck where in the end I'm the bitch who is screwing somebody's dead sister's husband. Will I send myself like a lamb to the slaughter? Jury is still out on that one.


Our Heroine said...

I would like to request that you hook this up to your fb page so I get alerted when you post!

DFW is not only a shitty airport, it's a shitty situation. Be calm, take your cues from the boy, and know that he's just as nervous as you are. (See bullet re:the things.)

SP said...

Ah, perspective. You are my Heroine