Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Booooooo *updated*

We still have over two months until Halloween and already I'm battling ghosts.

How do you date a man who doesn't have a psychotic ex but instead has a wonderful dead first wife? Very carefully, I tell you. Very carefully. And the careful isn't even for him. It's for me. The woman is everywhere. She is in the cupboards, the living room, the pond out back, the TOY BOX!

I'm battling some serious crazy in my head folks.

Stand by for a major melt down of the completely irrational kind in 3.. 2.. 1..

UPDATE: It seems I spoke too soon. He completely diffused my crazy. Except that now I'm on to a new crazy. The problem? I can't stop smiling.
Boggling, I know. More on that next time.


Our Heroine said...

That's a good man right there, going and diffusing your brand of crazy!

SP said...

Incredible, huh?