Friday, January 28, 2011

Tenses confusing my senses

Some 20ish years ago...
There was FirstGuy.
No, he wasn't "the first" but he was the first to teach me the ways of all things foreplay- physical and mental. He was also the benefactor of my very first O-face. All that without ever actually doing the deed! We tried once but the circumstances and setting made it weird awkward hilarious impossible.
Then we both drifted off to discover our own paths through life.

Facebook is an insidious little devil. It's all "Hey Sassy, you remember SoAndSo from Bully High School? She's married now with 47 kids. You two should totally be friends. Oh and don't forget WhatsHisName from college that dared you to take that last infamous jello shot before you barfed on somebody's Camero, bet you have lots to talk about. Hmm, and perhaps you know FirstGuy..." ... SoAndSo, check. WhatsHisName, double check. FirstGuy, che... FirstGuy? Whoa Whoa Facebook, are you sure you actually meant my FirstGuy? Awe crap... to friend or not to friend. To friend or not to friend. Squeeze eyes shut tight and click (with an innocent, la-deee-da, message asking how his sister and parents are).
And then came the emails and the texts and the phone calls.

In 6 weeks...
I'm taking a vacation to Idaho.

So everybody, get out your magic 8 balls and shake with me. Here's the million dollar question:
Will the future live up to the CanMakeMeWetJustThinkingAboutIt memories?

And for extra credit:
Is Sassy out of her ever-loving mind?

1 comment:

Stacie's Madness said...

ok, well. that would be two shakes.

Yes, it appears likely.

Yes, it appears likely.

hmm, what do ya know..two shakes and the same answer.

WHO CARES, what do you have to lose (that you haven't lost already).