Thursday, December 9, 2010

Single Woman's Dating Ten Commandments #9

9. Do not talk to your FWB (friend with benefits) about another FWB.
While in a "healthy" hahaha FWB relationship, it is perfectly OK to discuss someone you might be interested in dating, and even to ask for advice - it is definitely not ok to discuss any of your other booty calls.
Jealousy doesn't have to make sense y'all. It just is.


KittyCat said...

You are sooooo right.

but sometimes its just so hard not to share.

just sayin
when its good, you cant help but share.

LilliGirl said...

but duh. :D

Yamilette27 said...

One FWB or bootycall may never know about the other. EVER! They can't be from the same social circle.

SP said...

Seems I'm preachin' to the choir. Could it be my Christmas Miracle? That I have readers are as twisted as me?

Ah, Santa, you dirty dirty whore. Come fill my stocking!