Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why is it that men keep sending me pictures of their cock?
Thank you Captain. Yes, honey, you have a very nice cock.

I don't think I told you all about "Deki" who I encountered on a dating site. He sent me several pictures of his cock. The fleshy kind, not the feathery kind. Do men really think that turns a woman on? I'm here to tell you, boys, it does not. While we might appreciate the magic you can make when you use your man meat, visually, it's just not hot. You'd have better luck if you sent pictures of cleavage, of course, maybe that's just me.

And finally for the true TMI portion of today's program: Some medications have an odd effect on people. Fore example, My pee is currently bright highlighter yellow!

That is all.

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Stacie's Madness said...

are you on iron????
iron makes my pee yellar.

TMI time, right?
Cock or pictures of them do not turn me on either...usually....there is a certain one though...and it's probably cause I know WHAT THAT COCK can do that will turn me on to see it.