Monday, August 30, 2010

I should probably wait on this til later but...

I was going to hide out somewhere on the interwebs and avoid The House of Sass for a few days. I'm battling a cold, avoiding a break-up (with the extra guy, not the guitar guy. - But all that is for another post) and generally just being lazy whining DYING lying low. But since Stacie mentioned she gave me an award, I thought I'd pop on over and see what it was about. And after she struck below the belt talking about her Gramma's funeral, emotional landmines, being held through the tears AND about how she loves me woohoo! all in one post, I'm honor bound by the bloggy code to respond quickly - even if quickly is relative because it's already taken me 20 minutes to type this paragraph because I have to keep stopping to blow my nose. It's in the rule book. I don't make up the rules, people.

Warning, this post has been written under the influence of Nyquil, Sudafed, Vitamin C, Zinc, Zicam and SNOT. I tried medicating with bloody marys, whiskey, beer and wine at different points throughout the weekend but other than the weird swooshy feeling in my head, they didn't help much. Anyway, back to the post: It will probably not be funny although I am laughing right now. Coughing and laughing. Pretty soon the other departments in my building are going to send in the Center for Communicable Diseases. It will probably not even be coherent. Oh looky, men dressed in white suits and face masks just pulled up outside my window. - Proceed with caution, and hand sanitizer.

I'm not sure what I did to qualify for the award. But knowing Stacie it probably had something to do with vast amounts of TMI and boob talk. That's why she's my cyber-soul mate. We get each other. However, in order to post the award, I'm supposed to tell you 3 things that I love about me.

  1. I love my passion. - Passions of the moment or life-long passions; when things are important to me I can get all worked up about it, bubbling over with excitement or it can simmer constant and hot.

  2. I love my nerdiness - Many of my passions revolve around words - spoken and written - and the glorious art that is our language. While I cannot claim to be a master of it in anyway, and often brutalize it just for fun, I am proud of the fact that it is important to me, this lovely and powerful way to express.

  3. I love my quirks - For the most part they are silly and harmless. They charm and/or befuddle strangers and friends. I'm comfortable with them and accept that they are part of the package that makes up ME.

That was a hard list to write because I am so in love with my life that I could have made a list a mile long but those items don't point only inward, at just me, at who I am not what I do or how I look... I have no idea why I have been heaped with immeasurable blessings but I have. My life is hardly perfect. I'm "middle aged" (am I really? holy crap!), single, frighteningly poor and practically dying from the plague. I've got co-dependant mommy issues, abandonment daddy issues and self-absorbed only child issues. In short, I'm one hell of a hot freaking mess! But none of those things, alone or even when added all together, are enough to take the shine off of how amazing my friends are. How exceptional my kids are. How much joy I find in doing my job. The thrill I get every time I try something new. The hope I feel each time I let my heart trust and leap again.

Life is so very sweet and now I've got a cherry on top!

And without further ado, I hearby pass my (sanatized against pestilence and germs) cherry to:

Erika from Be Gay About It
She won my heart years ago when she wrote about her passions. I'd venture say that some of those passions are set to simmer for right now while she boils over with love for her new daughters.


Blondie from Blondie's Blonde Moments
She makes me laugh til my sides hurt and wish she'd come over and get drunk with me! p.s. She hasn't posted in a while. Stop on over and tell her to get her butt back in gear!


Stacie's Madness said...

fuck me running.

your issues are my issues my love.
and that IS why we "get" each other.

Jersey Girl Gets Real said...

Hope you feel better soon.