Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guest Posting - Renessance Woman

Welcome to guest posting day two...
Meet Renessance Woman. She was one of my first bloggy crushes.
P.S. You should check her out: http://auntcece.blogspot.com

First Impressions!

Thanks to Ms. Sassy…I get to mark off another “new” experience as a guest blogger. There are so many things that I would love to talk about, like dating, sex, travel but not experiencing any of those items right now. Ouch! But…I am having a new experience that seems fitting to share since I am making a guest appearance.

I started a new job one week ago. It’s a job that I have some experience but lacking in one area. So I have been trying to find a way to really impress everybody and prove to them hiring me was a good thing. So, on the first day back I walked into the building with my parents. Can you believe it! My back has been out and I needed help moving items into my office so I called my parents. Nice move!

On the third day I tried to crawl under my desk to plug in my computer and got stuck. Not stuck under the desk exactly, but I was stuck because I couldn’t get up. HELP!!!! One of the secretaries had to come in and help me stand.

And just when you would hope all is better today topped it all off. My doctor told me yesterday that I needed to wear tennis shoe only for a bit. This morning I got dressed, packed my lunch and walked out to my car with tennis shoes on ready for work. The only problem was that I couldn’t bend over to tie. As I walked into the main office one of my new co-workers asked why I didn’t have my shoes tied and I told him with embarrassment. And in that same second he bent down and it did for me.

Really…I’m not sure that the first impression screams independence, confidence and strength! But I guess the good thing is that I haven’t had to scream for help getting off of the toilet!

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