Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My token patriotic duty fulfilled for the year

You see that picture up there? I am festive. I am a proud American.

OK, moving on...
The rest of this post is probably going to bore you to tears. Just warning you now.

I hope y'all had a fun filled long weekend. I spent most of mine either drunk, hung-over or... umm, well that's about it really.

Captain and I saw a local band Friday and I boogied my butt off. He showed the first signs of jealousy but more on that later...

Saturday Thing2 caught a plane to HolyFuckIt'sHot, AZ. I kind of miss him already. Thing1 is still around until next weekend but the house is so quiet. There's a certain amount of noise a 12 year old makes just by being in the room. His very presense is loud.

Sunday we did the parade and a pool party and fireworks and hot-tubbing. Oh My.

Yesterday I did a whole lot of NOTHING!

4th of July perfection right there.

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Renaissance Woman said...

Maybe nothing...but that pool looks like my kind of nothing!