Friday, June 25, 2010

GCF - Chicago Edition

Welcome back to Girl Crush Friday. I'm not actually here this morning. Captain and I are playing in Chicago this weekend for a wedding reception PARTAY; enjoying food, drink, music, wild beasties and perfect friends. Since you all are probably sitting in your dark damp cubicle slaving away for The Man, I thought I'd toss you a bone boob. Here are some women from the Windy City that are worth crushing on...

Joan Cusack

For bringing me the most impossibly ridiculous but lovable support characters in some of my favorite movies.

Candace Parker

WNBA greatness: A woman with a take no prisoners competitive attitude, can TakeItToTheHoop and look that good in that dress.

Tina Fey

Because, Bwahahahahaha, snort, giggle... and she's gorgeous.

Michelle Moody-Adams

Education, intelligence and being an advocate for peace is sexy.

Koko Taylor

A voice like that can make you melt.

And finally...

She is Hil-fucking-arious!
She is brilliant.
She is funny as hell.
She is drop dead gorgeous.
She has made me laugh so hard I might have wet myself.
She is a better friend than anyone could ask for or that I deserve.
A Chicago transplant and one of my original girl crushes:

(Did I mention that she's funny?)

Congratulations Steph and Eric.
Were there nothing else for which to praise the heavensbut only love...Only love were cause enoughfor praise. -- Tennyson


Steph said...

You are a superstar! No way this party would be nearly as fun if you weren't coming. I can't wait!

Stacie's Madness said...

hmmmm, none of these famous women do it for me, but sure do wish your friends a fantastic wedding!

have a great time in the Chi. :D