Friday, August 28, 2009

My kitchen or the local boobie bar? Tough Call.

I made plans with LawnBoy to go out for drinks last night but remembered that I had two giant dish-to-pass thingies to make for the weekend. So, being the awesome multi-tasker that I am, I invited him over for beers and put him to work in the kitchen. He chopped and chopped and chopped while I buzzed around measuring and mixing. We chatted while making a gigantic mess over every possible surface. I would imagine that if the entire senario were put to music it would have looked like some kind of bizzare dance as we moved around the kitchen. He would step in, I would maneuver out. Friends, dude. Just Friends. I've told him this several times. I don't think I've ever met someone this persistant before. And so I spent the evening reliving a scene from one of my favorite movies. Dodge - Duck - Dip - Dive - Dodge! Finally I was so frustrated by being chased around my own kitchen that I was about to tell him I was exhausted and maybe he should go. And that's when he mentioned that it was his birthday. His birthday? He was hanging out in my kitchen chopping peppers on his birthday? Shit. Don't feel guilty. Don't feel guilty. But seriously, shouldn't he have been out drinking with friends or tucking dollars into Slutty Sally's g-string? Something, anything but mashing cream cheese with a wooden spoon while I sang off key to Cobie Caillat?

Ex is convinced I'm using the guy for the free lawn service. But I've been clear, very very clear, that we are just friends. Is it still wrong to accept free lawn service? I mean, it's not like I ask him to do anything. He just says "Your lawn needs XYZ" and then he does it. I offer to pay and he won't accept. That's not using, is it?


Blondiesblondemoments said... you aren't using him in my opinion. If he wants to do it then let him.

Stacie's Madness said...

shit, men use women all the time. ;)

The music I heard for your dancing around the kitchen was actually porn music, it's how I roll.

SP said...

Thanks Blondie, that's exactly what I was thinkin.

Stac, you can roll through my kitchen anytime. And for the record, I save the porn music dancing for when I clean the house. No really, so not kidding!

LilliGirl said...

Not using, just very convenient. Since my mower broke my ex has been doing my lawn for free this summer. There's ego involved, but its a small price to pay. lol