Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is the post where it becomes universally acknowleged that I should not be left alone with small children

Kidz Songz that I have found disturbing since listening to them for 862 hours straight while in the presence of my preshus nephews.

1. The Cat Came Back
Dude, the cat is killing people. What hell is wrong with you?

2. There's a Hole in my Scrotum Bucket
Sorry MyHope'sHusband, that one is still funny!

3. Froggy Went a'Courtin'
With a gun? Really? No wonder our children are in need of so much therapy. And did anyone else hear the part where he went down on Miss Mousy? That is just not appropriate for a 3 year old. Awesome, but still, not appropriate!

And finally, I'm sitting outside at the patio table playing some Facebook Bejeweled. It's a timed game. A timed game that I'm not very good at. A timed game that I'm not very good and apparently need to just walk away from. As my 1 minute runs out I shout "I'm not done yet! OMG, I'm this close and you stop? Bastard!" Only to look up and see a horrified mother walking by on the park path covering her child's ears and looking around for the man who couldn't last...

Yes, I'm free to babysit. You can pay me in whiskey.


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Love it - I have the same damn problem with that game but now want so go look up these songs...