Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's a woman to do?

So let's discuss...

LocalGuy is... LOCAL. Considering the rough end of my last long term relationship, that's a definite plus. He has also never been married so there is no ex-baggage. Another plus. The kisses are passable if a bit slobbery. The physical chemistry is through the fucking roof. I WANT this man. However, his follow through on buying condoms is a bit lacking, which leaves us both frustrated and wanting more... To be honest, that is more than likely what the physical chemistry is all about. It's been a while since Sassy has had her some nookie. That means that I might feel some tremendous physical chemistry with a tree stump. Perhaps. The problem is that LocalGuy cannot keep his EverLovingPieHole shut when watching TV/Movies/Driving/Breathing. I swear to bejessus that he is most often more mouthy than Shimmy, SM's fantabulous 17!!! year old daughter (Happy Birthday Shimmy, even though you don't read this, thank heaven!). At 17 it's funny and I already love the hell out of that girl.

LocalGuy has some definite short term potential but I'm thinking nothing long term unless I start using duct tape and I get the feeling that's he's not that kinky. And that's just a lot of work. So, I ask you, what's a woman who likes sex and has definite needs to do? Too bad SM wouldn't be up for some recreational HubbaHubba. He's safe and I already know it would be good... Bad Sassy. I know. I'm just sayin'.

I need some sexage people. But... but...

Shit, how do I get myself into these messes.

As a side note, that isn't really a side note: I've been chatting with a couple other prospects. One has the most gorgeous eyes and is quite sexy. We're still in the chatting phases though.


Stacie's Madness said...

buy some condoms, fuck him and leave him.

did I just say that?

SP said...

YES! And that is why I love you Stac.