Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Sprang Sprung

The weather is warming and spring love happiness new beginnings horny coeds and lust are in the air. You think I'm kidding but if you saw all the half naked 20-somethings I have walked by this week alone, you'd wonder if I worked for Hustler. Of course, there are some benefits to walking among the natives. When young boys men, ahem, remove their shirts to play volleyball, in the sand, with their jeans riding a little low on the hips, well, when that happens the heavens open up and angels sing. Singing. Angels. Of course, being the hip town that Madison is, spring brings more than just liquid sex oozing down the streets, it also brings a funky, grungy, I'm not sure where that's been kind of edge. Example, the first street vendor of the season had his table set up on State Street the other day:

Sorry the picture is fuzzy. I took it with my camera phone. If you are wondering what he was peddling well, it's glass blown pot-pipes of course! Homeless Bob wants to know if they can be used for bubbles too.

So, I'm surrounded by this playful and free atmosphere. I'm healthy again. I'm wearing my skinny jeans for the first time in a looooong time. And there's this man...

HAH! Did you see that one coming?

I met this man while grabbing lunch several months ago while I was dating SM. We became friends (yes, only friends and never once dawned on me to think of it as anything else so shaddup) and he'd often ask "How's your Mr. Perfect?" And so this last time I had to admit that "My Mr Perfect" wasn't mine any more. To which he replied that the SM must be a complete idiot for tossing me aside without a second glance. It always feels good to have another man validate your desirability. So, here's the hard part. The man, he asked me out. I'm not really ready to jump into a relationship right now. There's the part of me that is lonely and yearning to be touched but there's a voice in my head that says "You really don't want that touch to be anyone's but SM's." And the voice is right. BUT, I'm not a wallower. I'm the ripthebandaidoff girl. And sometimes it just takes forcing yourself to jump in order to get any kind of movement. The man is smart and funny and genuine and sweet and umm... HOT!

So, do I jump? Do I spring myself forward even though I'm pretty sure I'm not ready yet just help me get the hell over it already?

Do I jump?

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Stacie's Madness said...

it's just a date, doesn't have to be a LONG term thing, just yet...

I say, go, have fun...and shake that ass girl in your skinny jeans!

Christy said...

I second that. Go in your skinny jeans and report back!

ps - Hi, I'm Christy and I just found your blog and love it!

SP said...

LOL, you two are awesome! Welcome Christy. Maybe I'll say after the weekend. If... gah, I suck! Holding on to that last thread.

Oh and Stacie! You rock girlie. Enjoy tomorrow and the entire weekend and the rest of your life! I'll be thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

I know you! Shit! Don't wait. Say Yes. Jump!

SP said...

Hi there anonymous. Pop me an email and let me know who you are.

Renaissance Woman said...

Hmmm...okay so here are my thoughts. I understand not wanting anybody new to touch you! I get that more than you could ever know. But I also agree with's just a date.

It has been a year since I became single and I haven't even considered a date. So I know it will sound crazy coming from me...but rip the bandaid off...go on the date.

SP said...

Y'all are so wonderful. I did it. I jumped - but with a different guy. And he didn't touch me and that was ok. I did get to go out and see a band that I love so even if he was a troll (which he wasn't) it would have been worth it. So I think it's time for the funny stories to start rolling in again.