Monday, April 6, 2009

In Shock

My cousin's 14 year old daughter is pregnant.

The baby-daddy is an 18 year old boy who luuuuvs her. They are going to play house and are very excited about their new faaaamileeee.

I am completely dumbfounded by this. Shocked and scared out of my ever-loving mind. First, my cousin seems to be all kinds of excited, as if this were fantastic news. I'm am afraid that she is thinking "yay, a new baby for me" which is... I mean really... just... OMG!

Also, Thing1 turns 14 this year.

I haven't talked to Thing1 about this yet. He's with Ex for the next couple of weeks for spring break and I feel like we need some alone time for that conversation. I know that he and his girlfriend have definitely moved into new territory. It used to be that they never talked. They just blushed when the other one walked into the room. Now they hang out. It's his age. Friends are his entire world. I just want to make sure I keep tabs on where he is emotionally and physically with her. I don't believe that I can stop him from doing anything he decides to do. But I do believe that I can influence his choices by being open about what I think and what I want for him.

There are so many mom-bloggers out there that talk about the trials and tribulations of babyhood and that is wonderful. But I have to ask, where's the support group for the teen stage? I'd love to have a circle of cyber-ladies to go through this experience with. Just because milk doesn't still drip from my boobies and the Things both wipe their own ass doesn't mean I have any better idea on how to do this parenting thing.

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Stacie's Madness said...

THIS makes me sooo sick and angry too...

Just talk to your son as honestly and openly as you can...provide him with all of his options...hang in there and THANK GOD YOU AREN'T THAT GIRLS MOTHER.


editdebs said...

I'm with you. My son turned 14 in January, and it freaks me out. He doesn't have a girlfriend, but he has started doing a lot of texting with a few girls.

It's just such a different thing to parent a teenager. It's exciting, scary, amazing, frustrating--and annoying. I've looked for a few more bloggers who talk about being a parent to a teenager, but most write about babies.

Good luck--I'll be reading to see how you cope!

SP said...

Thanks for stopping by Editdebs. Since you're at the same stage, please chime in more! We moms-of-teenagers need to stick together.

Blade said...

Ok.. you have to fill me in on this soon. Thats just insane.

LilliGirl said...

Ugh. That is sooo wrenching. I have a 19 yr old and have watched as several of her friends wen through the same kind of crap. I was pregnant at 16, which isn't MUCH older than 14 but omg. Grandmas will be raising that baby - we can only hope.

At that age I do believe adoption is a serious topic that should be brought up and counseling may be in order too. Not because she's had sex but because how can any person that age have a clue as to how to decide what's right for them when it WIll impact their entire life.