Saturday, March 7, 2009

He's getting sc-hairy

This made me a little excited for him but little sad for me:

Did you see it? Here let me help you:
That's not just a dirty lip. He's got hair. Hair on his lip. Hair that is not whispy soft skin hair but instead is dark and coarse facial hair. Hair. On. His. Lip.

I swear I saw this a week ago and told him to go wash the dirt off his face. Yeah, I know. Bad Mom. What can I say, we often see what we want to see. And I wanted to see my precious little boy with a dirty face from playing, not my amazing young man who is getting a hairy lip.

So, when does the shaving start? I don't want to push it too soon but looking like you have a dirty lip is kind of gross. And, no middle school kid should have a stache. Seriously, just NO.


Thing1 wears the ring all the time. And I mean All. The. Time. The girls, they love it. Apparently it's all kinds of cool. *sigh* Speaking of cool; he was just in a mini play where they acted out "The Bachelor, Disney Style" and he was the bachelor. Smooth, cool, very teen GQ with a tremendous amount of arrogance thrown in for fun. He played it perfectly. Two things struck me about his performance. He looked so natural and comfortable having the girls fawn all over him (eeek). He really needs new pants... that are long enough to cover the stilts he calls legs (more $ whooshing away).

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Because part of the rights and priveledges of being a Thing Momma is being able to embarass the heck out of them, I give you:

Thing1- Paco Style

Happy Friday Y'all
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Stacie said...

hmmm, paco style looks good on him....for real.

I can't even BEGIN to imagine my baby being this old...