Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Days of Grace: 26 - The Attitude Adjustment

I was sort of in a funk today. Well, actually it started yesterday... or maybe it's been creeping up on me for a while now. It's an insecure anxious funk and I really DO NOT LIKE. With that in mind, I've been rather quiet in the cyberhood lately. Better to keep my mouth shut than get all mellow dramatic or passive aggressive because OMG, nobody likes that person. I'm usually the first one to admit that there at days when I even annoy myself. So, I was just going to hide under my rock and try not to spread my gooey spurting diarhea of a crappy attitude today.

Then I got this text from MyHope:
Water broke. Having baby today! Will keep you posted. On the way to the hospital.

And then the skies opened up and prepared for the angels to sing (they won't actually sing til he pops out, duh). We are adding another perfect little boy to the family today and I am insanely excited.

My fears and self-doubt and lousy attituded shattered. The little man hasn't even taken his first breath and he's already melting my heart and wooshing every inconsequential thought out of my head.

I think I need a personal holiday to fly all the way down to AZ. I desperately need to stand in that hospital hallway and jump up and down shouting about my new nephew. I need to grab everyone that walks by and give them a great big kiss. with. tongue. cuz I'm giving like that.

So do me a favor and send some happy thoughts and prayers to MyHope and my new nephew. Oh and for his Daddy, we kinda like him lots too.
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Stacie said...

that is awesome, congrats and my thoughts are with the mom, dad and baby for smooth delivery!

jana said...

I know this post is a bit old, but I like you and I love this post; my auntie is the same way, about adding family that is and she would giggle (she's cool and not old and stuff) at this. I don't think I saw a post updating this one, but I'll go back and check. thanks for the honesty.