Monday, January 5, 2009

This is a test

Every lasting relationship goes through those pivotal moments, those events so mundane and yet so huge they can rock your world or cement your foundation.


  • Been through a night of tears while sifting through some past emotional baggage
  • Disagreed strongly about how an ex will be dealt with
  • Discussed infidelity
  • Come to terms with our differing parenting styles
  • Found a place of acceptance (for now) of our different house cleaning needs
  • Been on vacation together
  • Worked on house remodeling (HOLY CRAP, the toilet/dishwasher/oven is broken) projects


  • Seen the guns and flannel and animal heads - Oh my!
  • Stopped hearing the grammatical idiosyncrasies that used to make my ass twitch
  • Accepted each of his children as individuals for who they are; the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Fallen in love with each of his children
  • Been on the receiving end of his "Asshole Mood"
  • Given in and said OK when I really didn't want to


  • Witnessed my ass jiggle
  • Wiped snot off my face
  • Dealt with some my more serious crazies
  • Met my parents
  • Graciously listened to me nag
  • Said NO and didn't back down

But today really might be the deal breaker folks.

Today I’ll discover if we can make it or not.

Today I’ll know if he really loves me.

Today is the test




Today I had baked bean soup and a salad with lots of broccoli and cabbage for lunch.


Bill said...

Wow - I think I might have to leave you after that lunch, and I only read your blog! :)

Renaissance Woman said...

Did you every way! I'm sure you came through it with flying colors. :)

SP said...

Yes, I passed... a lot of gas. And he didn't kick me out of bed. All is well.