Saturday, January 3, 2009

Somethings are just never the same

It's been said many a time that having children changes your life completely. You worry about the quality of schools. You fret over crime rates and pollutants in plastic water bottles. You stress over fire retardant pajamas and peanut allergies. You also get zero sleep, stop knowing how to carry on a conversation with grown ups AND sex becomes a distant memory.

I recently spent the evening with my friend Heather where I laughed so hard I almost wet myself (another lingering side-affect from having children). The Things are old enough that most of the hilarity of toddlers and youngishness is forgotten. The fact that Heather had to be home by 9 so she could be showered and freshly shaved for a night of naughtiness with her husband (the kids were gone with grandparents) was a major topic of conversation. It was a very big deal. And then I realized that the shaving wasn't of her lady parts but her legs... Ahh, the good old days.

Truly I am glad that I went out with her and got to hear all her hilarious stories. It's been stressful lately and I needed a good laugh. I have also been on a serious hormonal baby kick and I desperately needed a good strong dose of reality. I don't want to go back to that. I am long past the stage of sleep deprivation and tantrums. I can have grown up conversations. I hardly ever think about parts that are small enough to be swallowed (did you just go to a dirty place? me too. that's why you will always be welcome here). She made me realize that I had survived all the damage young children can do to a person. I had come out the other side intact. I am me again.

However, this evening I was browsing through YouTube and stumbled across this and absolutely could not stop laughing. I blame it on raising two boys. I may never be the same. I suppose I'm OK with that.

If you didn't laugh, you need to go hang out with a couple of pre-teen boys for a week or two. It'll change your whole outlook on life... and farts. forever.

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