Monday, December 22, 2008

tap tap tap... excuse me

I've learned many a lesson from my 13 years of marriage to Ex. Whether it's to his benefit or not, SM is reaping the effects of this knowlege and resulting behavior modifications.

Dear SM,
Ummm, hello, I'm not just gonna lie here and pretend that didn't just happen. What the hell made you think that I'm content to get you off but would prefer to not get a happy ending myself?Seriously, what did I do? I want to make sure that I never do it again. And NO I don't want it NOW, not after I've just called you out for being selfish/clueless. Duh- Mood killer. And YES, you so owe me!

Love and Kisses,


Bill said...

Oops on him.

The beauty is that you can hold it over him forever, even if it never happens again! *laugh*

Stacie said...

what's with men?

Renaissance Woman said...

Well said girl!