Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank God It's Monday - A Christmas Update from Sassy

I've been off since last Tuesday. It was a wonderful Christmas. My house was full of people and love. There was nothing I wanted more (except for maybe a puppy).

Then I had 3 days after Christmas to enjoy - - -

My long weekend was filled mainly with installing the flooring at my parents' house. Over 3 days I managed to install 29 thousand boxes of flooring, break 2 nails, hammer 16 fingers (some more than once, obviously), break the tapping block (although I wasn't actually "tapping" so maybe that was my fault), remove a toilet, learn new swear words AND break a hammer (yes, I actually broke my dad's big manly hammer. Again, wasn't tapping damnit!). All that and the floor isn't totally done yet. There's only about 4 feet of flooring left to do but we don't want to put that in until the toilet is fixed and definitely not leaking. In addition to that I took all my decorations down except for the outside lights, cleaned the house, drove the Things all over town, made Black Eyed Susans (chocolate covered peanutbutter balls), mended 3 pieces of clothing, and learned how to mangle images in Photoshop. Thank goodness I am back at work this morning so I can actually relax!

Bring on New Years so I can get drunk, puke and have a headache!

Gee I love the holidays.

I hope y'all are enjoying this holiday season.
Meet me under the mistletoe and let's smooch!

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