Friday, December 12, 2008

I should not be allowed out of my house, near a TV or a computer.

Since losing my little Funny Face, I've sort of been on estrogen overload. I ooo and cooo and gush over babies -even ones I'm only seeing in a commercial. I cry when I see people walking their dogs down the street. I smother the triplets with hugs and kisses (SMOTHER -- and they like it damn it, because I told them they have to like it -- I'd smother the Things but they are with Ex and they fight back harder). I Google pet shelters and french kiss the Petsmart circular. I drool over Christmas ads for baby clothes and toys. I almost bought a stocking for a dog/baby that I DON'T HAVE!!!

I'm thinking that if I can get someone to promise me it will be a girl that I should have another baby. Or get a dog. Or something. OMG, I need something before my ovaries explode!


MyHope said...

I have a 2 year old that would LOVE to spend time with you! Would that help?

Renaissance Woman said...

Get a baby puppy...great idea.