Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hot Hot HOT!!!!

I fibbed. Well it wasn't really a fib, only sort of. I'm not really catching up with "old friends" the rest of this week. I mean I am, kinda but not... I'm in gorgeous sunny HOT FUCKING HOT Arizona visiting with one of my favorite people in the entire world. I flew out this morning to surprise MyHope. She's one of my oldest and without a doubt my dearest friend. I know you are probably wondering how I could deceive you so. It's because it was a surprise! And boy was she surprised! When she saw me her first words were "What the hell are you doing here." That's love right?

I will probably have Raggedy Ann Sassy pictures for you later. The Hentai (which actually means japenese aname PORN) costume didn't happen for me though. However, Pancake Boy looks amazing in a school girl plaid skirt!


Renaissance Woman said...

Im so jealous!!! Have a great time and enjoy the sun.

Steph said...

No comment.

SP said...

He has great legs. I'm just sayin'