Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm sure you all read Dooce. Of course you do. Who doesn't? But just in case you live in a hole and have no idea who Dooce is, or by some wonder of wonders I'm higher on your blog roll than she is (yes, I'm dillusional, I know) then I have a task for you.

Go read this: The Girl in the Window
But get a box of kleenex first.

Tragic and beautiful.

I have snot running down my face and I can't seem to stop hugging the Things.
FYI, 10 and 12 makes them very squirmy and impatient. I'm OK with that.


Renaissance Woman said...

WOW...this story breaks your heart!

MyHope said...

How can anyone live that way? And let their kids live that way?

Kwach said...

Ahem. Look at our blogroll. You're totally higher than Dooce, who isn't there at all. We try to avoid the mainstream whenever possible. We don't "Dooce" and we don't go to "Blogher" ... ain't we rebellious??