Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost Done

No, not done like my last post done... done as in projects almost complete. I've got posters to hang as soon as they arrive, closet doors to hang and a threshhold board to put in. The past couple of weeks have been nuts. I've ripped out carpet, installed new laminate flooring, learned how to use fun power tools, installed base boards, painted and painted and painted. I'll post pictures once the last bit is complete. I can't wait for the Things to see their rooms. They are going to be so surprised.

The base boards I purchased for my family room don't fit right so I'm back to custom boards from my wood-worky uncle. That might be a bit and to be honest, but I can live with it how it is without having convulsions... for a while. Then there's the ceiling that was patched that still needs to be sanded and painted, and my new faucet to be put in. My new patio still needs to be put in and my new roof put on (at least I don't have to do anything for that one. Sassy on a roof would not be a good idea.)

Oh who the hell am I kidding, I'm not almost done. But, I should return to some kind of normal posting habits soon. And I'll try and catch up with all of you. It's been so long and I miss you. I really really do.

Hope y'all are enjoying your summer so far.


Blade said...

Rooms look great.. I know they are going to love them. You did quite a job on your own there getting them all done.

MyHope said...

I WANNA SEE! Work faster and post pictures. I am dying from excitement!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

We just laid laminate flooring and are redoing both of the kids rooms as well. Funny how we are doing the same thing at the same time.

I look forward to seeing your pictures. I bet it is gonna look great!

Renaissance Woman said...

Can't wait to see...and I understand that a remodel project never really seems to be done. Good luck.