Monday, June 9, 2008


Last night I noticed some little blue pills on SM's night stand. They were not in a bottle which seemed odd to me. Why not have them in the bottle unless you didn't want someone (translation- the girlfriend) to know what the bottle said? They were BLUE pills. On his NIGHTSTAND, right by the BED.

Do you know where my mind headed? If you don't then you are not an estrogen saturated female. Fact. My mind went straight to: What's wrong with me?!?!?! I'm fat!!! My thighs! He takes one look at my thighs and NOODLECITY!! Weeping, Crying, Gnashing of Teeth!!!

So, being the completely logical and normal (translation - utterly paranoid and in need of psycho therapy) person that I am, I wrote down the little number on the pill before leaving his place, determined to google it the very second I got home.

I was completely prepared to see something like this:

Don't you just luv the little man with the obvious woody? MrNoWood should be sent to the island of smokers and kids who ride their skateboard outside strip malls. MrWoody, he's ok. He is welcome here. He makes me smile. (remember above, in need of psycho therapy)

Yes, I'm going to exit the crazy train now. Will one of you catch me when I jump?

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Steph said...

And I thought I was the crazy one today?