Friday, May 9, 2008

how to be passive aggressive step 42

Am I teaching him bad habits or just preparing him for the dating scene?

My phone rang. I picked it up to see who it was. I silenced it and put it back down.

Background: It was a friend. A guy that I was interested in for a while. Nothing
ever happened although we talked about it. He knows I have a boyfriend. He knows
nothing is going to happen and still conversations with him feel like trying to
cross a mine field. Am I going to say something that is going to set him off on
a conversation I don’t want to have? STRESSFUL!

After putting the phone down.

Thing1: Who was that?
Sassy: Just a friend.
Thing1: Why didn’t you answer it?
Sassy: I just didn’t want to talk to him right now
Thing1: You What? Really? No Way!


Thing1: So when I’m at a friend’s house and you call me, can I just not answer it because I don’t want to talk to you?

Thing1: Or when I’m downstairs and you call for me can I ignore you because I don’t want to talk to you?
Sassy: Someday you’ll understand. For now, just know that if you “don’t want to talk to me” then I “don’t want to feed you.” Deal?
Thing1: Crap. That kinda back-fired on me didn’t it?
Sassy: Kinda.
Thing1: I’m still hungry
Sassy: I don’t want to talk to you right now.

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