Friday, March 14, 2008

What the FUCK is up with all the crazy people?

Bear with me. This is probably going to be long winded and might not even make a whole lot of sense. However, I absolutely have to get this out before my head explodes.

I’ve mentioned before that all women have their own brand of crazy in their head. I learned last night from a reliable source that men have the same thing, they just don’t talk on and on and on and fucking on about it like we women do. So yeah, we’re all a bit crazy. It’s part of what makes us special and unique and more fun while drinking heavily.

But what I’m here to talk about today are the genuinely NUTZO people who walk among us. They don’t swat at imaginary bugs. They don’t twitch or drool or eat out of dumpsters. But they should have some kind of warning sign above their heads. The people I am referring to lie in ways that completely boggle the mind. BOGGLE!!!

Example #1
Man goes to school to become a university professor. He moves to big fancy expensive city and lives in a big fancy expensive high rise apartment with a view. He works hard to impress upon all of his family how big and fancy he is. ---- A year or so later the man is discovered cheating on wife and the bomb drops. He is not in fact a professor. He never actually finished his professoring education. He is in fact a janitor at the university. He has been living on borrowed money in all his fanciness...
In this shortened and butchered version of the story you probably don’t get the impact of complete horror this situation induced. He lied about his entire life. He coerced his new bride to lie about their entire life. And the complete lack of guilt or accountability on his part after being discovered was astounding.

Example #2
Man is leaving his wife because he is unhappy. Man starts to build an emotional flirty long distance relationship with Woman. He flies up to see her. They talk about long term commitments. They make plans for the future. He flies up to see her again. He asks Woman to be patient with him because SoonToBeExWife has cancer and this complicates things. They meet and vacation together. Woman plans to fly down and visit him only to be told 3 days before the trip that he is being deployed to Iraq. ---- Woman discovers that on the weekend that she was supposed to fly down and see him that he actually flew up to see OtherWoman. Man told OtherWoman that SoonToBeExWife has cancer and son has some weird child illness. OtherWoman has great sympathy for him and dreams of a future where they can live together and love each other while caring for SickChild because SoonToBeExWife is going to die. Man tells OtherWoman he is being deployed to Iraq. Man vanishes without contact. OtherWoman does some private-eye investigating to discover that Man was never deployed. Man was not leaving wife. Wife did not have cancer. Child was not sick.

Example #3
Woman has an on-line community of friends. They share stories of their life. They talk daily. She invites them to share the joy with her family when she becomes pregnant. Everyone rejoices. She receives gifts sent with love from all the women. Her husband receives support in his time of crazy-woman-induced stress from all the men. Life is happy. Over the years she shares occasional pictures of her beautiful daughter. She exchanges a story or two here and there. Some of these on-line friends even fly out to meet her and her husband in person (child was staying with grandparents). ---- fast forward a few years. Woman is supposedly ending the marriage with her husband and pursuing a relationship with one of these on-line friends. The relationship develops and there are discussions of her moving across the country to be with him. He is much stressed about her daughter and what will happen, only to discover that she doesn’t actually have a daughter. SHE MADE HER UP… And carried on the lie for over 4 years!!!

A life and career that you don’t actually have
A wife’s cancer diagnosis, a child’s sickness and deployment to a war zone
A child – an entire human being!

Who in their right fucking mind can lie about this kind of shit?????

And do you know what sucks the most? The people who really love these liars (or think they love the liars but really love the lies that they believed to be truth) want desperately to justify away the craziness of these people. They want to forgive them and make it all better.

Example #1 was a family member. I was one of the 2 bleeding and left for dead victims of Example #2. I’m watching someone very dear to me be completely demolished in Example #3.

So I say to the universe: Enough with the crazy people in my life.
What the fuck? I mean really, What. The. Fuck????


Ev said...

One of the really great things about the internet is that it makes it possible for severely mentally ill people who can spell and punctuate to interact with reasonably normal people. And it's been my experience that reasonable normal people have an unconscious expectation that other people are reasonably normal too. That makes it easy (and fun!) for sociopaths and whackjobs to sneak into your life before you can identify them for what they are.

Poor can come stay with us and I'll introduce you to all my dead relatives in the basement. Whaddya say?

Steph said...

Um... I'm having trouble with a boy? He isn't calling me enough? We've only gone on one real date? He says that he is in school and working two jobs and has this really time consuming hobby, but I think I should really be a priority?

Which one of us is the sociopath?

(If you say me, I swear to god I'll hunt you down and force you to watch "Deal or no deal" until your brain drains out of your ear.)

SP said...

I'd love to come visit Ev. As long as none of your dead relatives are crazy, save me a spot on your couch.

Steph, it sounds like we need to chat. And I already knew you were crazy in the bestest way!