Thursday, March 20, 2008

Did you miss me?

Catch up time folks

1) I’m working on a remodeling project in my basement. All the carpet is coming out and being replaced with laminent flooring. All the walls are being painted and the hole in my ceiling is being patched. So far I have punctured my toe several times with the carpet tack strip and done some very important shopping for when SexyMan comes over to help.

Do you think I should have gotten the knee pads too?

2) The ex and I have come to a very tenuous and uncomfortable agreement about his psychotic girlfriend. He agreed to keep her the fuck away from my children for a while. I agreed to not refer to her as “Psycho” (at least not all the time).

3) I got to meet SexyMan’s 15 year old daughter. She has more holes in her head than I have on my belt. Her hair is blonde on top and black on the bottom. Her eyeliner was thicker than the soles on my shoes. I think her pants might have actually been airbrushed onto her body. She is also pretty freaking cool. We all hung out and talked and laughed and cooked. It was a fantastic time. She even said that I can come back again. Big praise from a 15 year old right? I think I’m smitten.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ooh, I like.

Like Snyder, from one day at a time but hotter.

Ev said... did I miss this???

Okay...I would totally do you if you were wearing that. After Kwachie dumps me...whaddya say? Please?

SP said...

Ev, can I have both of you?

I want it all :)