Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hand over the cookies and no one gets hurt

Yes, EVERYONE... Everyone is talking about Girl Scout cookies.
They have arrived.
They are eating them.
They are freezing them and eating them.

But am I enjoying the goodness that is Girl Scout Cookies?

No. I. Am. NOT!!

My cookies don't arrive until Monday. MONDAY? What the Fuck, Girl Scout?!?!?!
Hand over the cookies before I tie you up with that sash and...
... oh, hi. You're still here? Shhhh, just don't tell anyone and I will totally share my Thin Mints with you.
Her? Yeah, she's hog tied and being forced to watch Boohbah. Torture? Hmmm, I suppose you could look at it that way. Stop you say? Oh no! I'm not stopping till I get the goods. Give me my cookies Sistah!

1 comment:

XUP said...

Gee, Sass. You've turned into a real Suburban Pants (aka mom jeans). What happened to all the salcious gossip and titallating tidbits about sex, drugs & rock n' roll that made your blog so sassy? Dice games, cookies and gym equipment? Not sassy.