Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm not dead... yet.

Four mongrel children took over my home Friday night (only 2 of which belong to me). It was Thing1’s birthday sleep-over. I am so lucky that he has great friends that fit right into my little family. I ordered pizza, bought some junk food, threw it all down stairs and then locked the basement door. Ok, Ok, I made that up. I didn’t throw it. The pizza would have made a huge mess. Anyway, I then crawled into bed at 7:00. I only had to get up once. We had one casualty. A lamp fell victim to an overhead-pillow-machete-chop. They mourned his loss while continuing to fight the greater battle. I went back to bed.

I survived the weekend and my kids are all in one piece and safely settled back in with their dad. I won’t have them back until next year. I’m going to be sad about that. I’m going to miss them… Just as soon as I can clear the mucus out of my head and think straight, I’m going to miss them a whole lot.

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rudecactus said...

Hope you feel better soon!!