Friday, December 7, 2007

Dead people smell and so do I

I finally got my super special package from Sephora yesterday. It contained my long awaited liquid love. So far, I’m not in love. It’s really thick and doesn’t feel very hydrating. I’m willing to be patient and give it a couple of weeks. I know these things take time. Perhaps I should have gotten the other one. We’ll see. But I’m still crazy excited to have it and try it and play with all the samples they sent. Again, a great big huge gigantic sloppy wet kiss (maybe even with a little tongue) for Deb. Ok, moving on. In my magical box (heh, magic box) were some fun samples and freebies. This morning, I tried the perfume sample. It smelled ok on the Kleenex I tested. It smelled ok on me for the first 10 minutes. Now I feel like I bathed in baby powder, vanilla and old. By old, I mean that odd perfume smell that happens to old people. I can’t be more specific than that but I know that you know exactly what I mean. Here’s the problem: I have no babies and want no babies so the baby powder thing is just not necessary. I like vanilla when I bake but not as a defining scent. It’s just too 5th grade for my tastes. And finally, I. AM. NOT. OLD.
In summary, today: I think I stink.

I had my first “meet ‘em in person” Match date last night. It was not as disturbingly hilarious as ManureMan or the last couple of phone calls I’ve had. Actually, it was pretty darn nice. He looks just like his picture, which is good because his picture is good. He is smart and funny and charming and witty just like his profile. We got coffee and talked for 3 hours until the snow got so bad that we decided we really should each head home – for safety’s sake. We shared funny stories with each other. One that he shared with me was about how dead people really stink. How does he know this? He’s a professor and forensic pathologist. Think CSI; the doctor dude in the lab. I don’t think it’s creepy at all. In fact, it was fascinating.
Still, I think I’ll just tell my mom that I had a date with a doctor. A very hot, funny, sweet and ummm, yeah, HOT doctor. *swoon*

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Deb said...

You are so funny! Well, at least it was a sample of stink, and not a whole body spray by a chick at the mall.

Forensics is fascinating. And think how happy he would be to spend time with a Real (great kissing!) Girl.