Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am not a faithful flosser.
Flossing is like exercising. I have great intentions but my follow-through just isn’t the greatest. However, when a big event is coming up (a beach trip or a teeth cleaning) I will jump all over it and be super diligent. But, I’m always baffled by why – even though I’ve been exercising and flossing like a mad woman for the past two weeks – my butt still doesn’t look like Kate Beckinsale’s and my dentist still gives me the disappointed look.

I work with the next Jeffrey Dahmer.
And I think I pissed him off yesterday. I should probably be nicer because holy crap is that man CREEPY.

I sometimes fib about my weight.

I never fib about my age

I’ve had a threesome.
(2 of all 3 of you reading this just decided I’m a lost cause)
It was good. I’d do it again under the right circumstances.

Thing1 and Thing2 like to watch Dancing with the Stars with me.
We get some ice cream, curl up in my bed and cheer on our favorite stars. Last night I might have gotten so worked up that I flipped my ice cream right off my lap and onto Thing1. Thing2 might have laughed so hard he peed a little.

My kids ROCK!

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